who we are

The Industry Exchange Network (IXN) enables students to engage on real-world problem based learning through term-based client projects. The UCL IXN is a pipeline matching industry projects of different levels with students ranging from BSc 1st year students working on Apps Design through to MSc level students working on more advanced Data Science projects. The client projects are driven by charitable works, healthcare sectors, research-steered development, SME/entrepreneurship development, larger scale commercial projects and public sector/policy driven projects.

Industry partner clients suggest projects capable of running strictly to term-times. Each project has a named technical mentor from the company, and a supervisor allocated from UCL. PhD student teaching assistants are also involved in support of the lab time of the in-term projects.

Dr. Yun Fu

I am the Teaching Fellow for app projects and Student Internship Manager at the Department of Computer Science, University College London.

Dr. Dean Mohamedally

I am the Principal Teaching Fellow for Applied Software Engineering and Industry Projects and a member of the Software Systems Engineering group at the Department of Computer Science, University College London.

what we do

Each year, undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Department of Computer Science undertake a series of real-world projects as part of their course. These projects enable students to develop their taught theory further based on their level of study; by working with clients across the university, with regional hospitals and research groups, as well as with major industry sectors.

In line with the values of the BCS, the real-world nature of the experience gives them a first-hand view of team, time, client and project management, as well as introducing them to the nuances of software development processes in practice.

This enhances the academic caliber of our students; especially in readying them for internships and work experience, entrepreneurship growth and further research.

Our projects run in the following cycles:

  • MSc summer dissertations need to have requirements by January for start in May.
  • MSc small mobile apps need to have requirements by August for start in October.
  • BSc small mobile and web apps need to have requirements by October for start in January.
  • BSc 2nd Year proof of concepts need to have requirements by May to run October to April (group projects).
  • BSc Final Year dissertations need to have requirements by May for start in October.