Scaffolding Exercise Assignment Tool
Partner: UCL and Microsoft
Catagory: Education Technology Web
Authors: Marco Rudilosso, Janos Potecki, Marti Serra Vivancos
Sumbission: 01/06/2017

The standard way of teaching students a new programming language mainly consists of two parts: Lectures covering the theoretical concepts and Programming assignments where students put their learnings to practise. A problem arises from the correctness verification of these practical assignments, as professors need to a) create unit-tests covering all edge-cases or b) rely on TAs manually reviewing and testing the code. SEAT helps professors and students with lab assignments by providing an infastructure using randomized property based testing to verify the correctness of code written by students against a model answer. Furthermore, it collects the progress of students accessible via a website allowing professors to monitor the performance of their students and thus enabling them to adjust their lectures accordingly.