Undergraduate Industry Project Winners Awarded by BCS North London


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We are excited to announce the winners of this year’s first and second year best industry projects, which were awarded by the British Computer Society (BCS) North London and UCL Computer Science last Friday.

The best industry project awards recognise the achievements of the top 15 students in two computer science subjects (COMP103P and COMP205P), which enable students to engage in industry projects with real-world clients.

Congratulations to the winners, who are as follows:

COMP103P Apps Development:

Andrei Margeloiu

Rares Dolga

Kiran Gopinathan

Charaka Abeywickrama

Oscar King

Georgia Preda

Miquel Rigo Vidal

Federico Vignati

Andrei Popa

Wanyue Zhang

Gavin Shek

Stefanos Evripidou

Carlo Winkelhake

Francesco Benintende

Anthony Cheng

COMP205P Proof of Concepts in Systems Engineering:

Timur Kuzhagaliyev

Marco Rudilosso

Mohammad Afsharmoqaddam

Janos Potecki

Marti Serra Vivancos

Marc Ag Bourdeau De Fontenay

Fraser Savage

Jas Semrl

Sadir Abdul Hadi

Matineh Akhlaghinia

Mary Conde

Connor Daly

Sheue Ns Ong

Raymond Rj Tan

Raja Upadhyay

Each year, undergraduate students at the Department of Computer Science undertake a series of real-world projects as part of their course. These projects enable students to develop their taught theory further based on their level of study; by working with clients across the university, with regional hospitals and research groups, as well as with major industry sectors.

In line with the values of the BCS, the real-world nature of the experience gives them a first-hand view of team, time, client and project management, as well as introducing them to the nuances of software development processes in practice.

This enhances the academic calibre of our students; especially in readying them for internships and work experience, entrepreneurship growth and further research.